The Advent of the Shintocowboy

This will be my first post, and a more detailed introduction to me. All my life I’ve lived in the Chicago land area. About halfway through High School I became interested in the Japanese language and culture. For two years until I reached college I taught myself the language. Eight years after I first started the language I am still highly interested in it and hop to one day have a job across the seas. As of now there is a chance that I may get a job teaching English in South Korea so I am teaching myself the Korean language.

My interests range from music, to games, to toys and figures, and even to architecture. With that being said, I have two Dollfie Dream girls who will probably show up often in this blog. This blog will probably follow closely to what I find interesting in life and at times may not be NSFW so don’t tell me that I didn’t give any fair warning.

About wifi cat

All as is
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